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            oxygen inhalator

            There are generally two types of oxygen inhalers (also called "humidification bottle"). One is applied to the oxygen bottle, which is called the bottle inserted oxygen inhaler; the other is applied to the gas terminal of the ward, which is called the wall inserted oxygen inhaler.

            The bottle type oxygen inhaler has its own pressure reducing device, while the wall type oxygen inhaler has no pressure reducing device.

            The main features of the wall inserted oxygen inhaler are as follows:

            1. The working pressure is 0 ~ 0.5MPa;

            2. The flow is 0-10l / min adjustable;

            3. The flow meter of the wall inserted oxygen inhaler adopts the buoy type flow meter. The scale indication of the flow meter can be 0-10l / min or 0-15l / min;

            4. There are three kinds of humidified bottle bodies to choose from. The bottle body materials are made of high-quality pressure resistant transparent polyester (polycarbon);

            5. The gas quick plug can be selected from a variety of standard plugs, including American Standard, British standard, German standard or other standards. If there are special requirements, it can be processed and customized according to the customer's requirements;

            6. There is a safety valve. When the pressure exceeds a certain value, the safety valve will be opened quickly for rapid pressure relief;

            7. There are many types of connection between flowmeter and humidification bottle for customers to choose, depending on their use preferences;

            8. The flowmeter is 100% brass processed and chrome plated;

            9. There are two types of bottle caps for the user to choose.


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