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            [name]: dual stethoscope

            [model]: dual purpose

            [main materials]: steel, plastic pipe.

            [product function]:

            Amplify the pulse sound for doctors to diagnose. Auscultate the sound change of heart, lung, pulse and other organs of human body. The sound produced by the vibration of the stethoscope head is transmitted to the ear of the measurer to effectively distinguish the sound change.

            [product configuration]:

            This stethoscope is a dual stethoscope.


            1. Keep the diaphragm intact and not loose.

            2. The stethoscope shall be placed in a dry and ventilated room, and it is strictly prohibited to contact with acid, alkali or corrosive objects, so as to prevent the equipment from being corroded and shorten its service life.

            3. The head of auscultation should always be wiped with alcohol to prevent contamination

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