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            Disposable medical pad list

            Instructions and precautions:

            1. This product is divided into type I, type II, type III and type IV according to its composition. Type I is made of non manufacturing cloth; type II is made of non manufacturing cloth and polyethylene film; type III is made of non manufacturing cloth, toilet paper and polyethylene film; type IV is made of non manufacturing cloth, kapok and polyethylene film.

            2. It is suitable for clinical use as bedding to prevent cross contamination.

            3. This product is disposable, please destroy it after use.

            4. The product is sterilized by ethylene oxide, and the sterile period is two years. Please use it within the sterilization period.

            5. When using this product, check the small package first. It is forbidden to use if the small package is damaged.

            6. See the packaging seal or certificate for the production date, and see the certificate for the specification and model.

            7. It shall be stored in a clean environment with relative humidity less than 80%, no harmful gas, cool and dry, good ventilation.

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