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            Hy-0612 endoscope washer

            Product model: hy-0612

            ★ intelligent management

            Imported chip and large LCD are adopted to ensure stable operation and safety of the control system. The program arrangement is reasonable and easy to use. The user-defined program can meet different needs without frequent program setup.

            ★ workflow

            1. Close the upper cover by stepping on the switch. Select or set a set of operation program according to the actual needs. You can use the disinfection program or sterilization program provided by the factory of the machine, or you can use the user-defined program (6 sets) to select a set of program, press the start key to start, and the next time you do not need to select again.

            2. Water is injected into the machine, and the high-pressure water column is used to stir the rotation of water in the tank to wash the outside of the endoscope, while the internal filling device washes the endoscope cavity.

            3. After water washing, aseptic gas is injected, the waste water in the cavity is discharged, enzyme liquid is injected, external washing and internal filling are carried out to achieve full mirror immersion.

            4. Enzyme washing is completed, the inside and outside of the mirror are washed with water, and the waste water is drained.

            5. Inject the disinfectant, soak it outside and fill it inside, so as to achieve the whole mirror immersion disinfection.

            6. After disinfection, wash the inside and outside of the mirror with sterile water, and inject air to discharge the waste water in the cavity.

            7. Fill with alcohol and complete the drying procedure.

            8. The whole procedure is completed and sent to the examination room or endoscope storage room.

            ★ use safety

            1. The cover opening and closing of the machine are all done by foot switch to avoid cross infection.

            2. Highly automatic operation, the whole process without personnel operation, effective protection of the user's personal safety.

            3. Self disinfection function, to avoid cross infection caused by the pollution of dead corner in the machine.

            4. Electronic endoscopy leak detection device can detect small endoscopic leakage accidents.

            5. Disposable water shall be used in the whole process to meet the requirements of endoscope cleaning and avoid secondary pollution.

            ★ traceability

            Every cleaning of endoscope has printing records. Once there is an infection accident, it can be traced back to the problem of disinfection.

            ★ disinfectant

            1. Unit package of peracetic acid disinfectant, 1000g / bottle

            2. The new food grade stable peracetic acid has a shelf life of 1 year.

            3. The disinfectant is automatically mixed with 45 ℃ warm water to form a disinfectant, which can be used once in a row to avoid cross infection.

            4. The machine can automatically produce 45 ℃ warm water and mix with disinfectant to form disinfectant, which can reduce the usage of disinfectant, shorten the disinfection time, reduce the damage of endoscope and prolong the life.

            5. Peracetic acid disinfectant 550mg / L, soaking for 5min, the killing pair value of the spores on the carrier is > 3.00, reaching a high level of disinfection; peracetic acid disinfectant 1200mg / L, soaking for 15min, can completely kill the spores on the carrier.

            ★ new process of cleaning and disinfection

            The polluted endoscope is cleaned and the body fluid is removed initially. After being cleaned and disinfected by the full-automatic cleaning machine, it is dried on the drying table for practical inspection or sterile storage.

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