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            UV sterilization storage cabinet

            Specification for cleaning and disinfection of endoscopes (2004 Edition) issued by the Ministry of health

            Product description

            Whether the endoscope is stored in a standard way after cleaning and disinfection will directly affect the service life of the endoscope and the health condition of the next use. The UV sterilization storage cabinet of endoscope developed by our company according to the requirements of Article 26 of the technical operation specification for endoscope cleaning and disinfection (2004 version) (Wei Yi Fa No. 100) of the Ministry of health is equipped with multi-layer hanging frame to ensure that the suspension of the mirror body and the fixed button of the corner are placed in the free position. Many kinds of endoscopes can be hung, and 10-20 biopsy forceps can be hung. The top is equipped with ultraviolet disinfection lamp, the inner surface of the storage cabinet is smooth, seamless and easy to clean. It is an effective guarantee for the service life and health condition of the endoscope to put it in the ultraviolet sterilization storage cabinet after cleaning and disinfection.

            Main features of mirror cabinet

            ◇ two or six endoscopes can be stored in two doors (equipped with biopsy hook and ultraviolet lamp)

            ◇ single door can store 2-4 endoscopes ◇ UV disinfection ◇ high grade display screen

            ◇ applicable to endoscopy clinics in hospitals ◇ working voltage: 220V 50Hz

            ◇ power consumption: < 30W ◇ special specifications can be customized according to users

            technical parameter

            ◇ Name: endoscope ultraviolet storage cabinet

            ◇ modeling: single door, double door

            ◇ material: spray molding

            Product advantages

            1. It is easy to operate and can be used directly without door-to-door installation and debugging;

            2. The cost of disinfection is low, saving cost for users;

            3. All professional imported acrylic plate production,

            4. Exquisite technology, lifelong maintenance of the enterprise, for users to avoid the pain of maintenance.

            Copyright  Jiangsu Ruiyang Medical Technology Co., Ltd  Record:蘇ICP備15004224號-2
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