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            Double door endoscope ultraviolet hanging mirror cabinet (hd-cc1)

            The cabinet body of Jiangsu Ruiyang endoscope storage cabinet is made of the world's most advanced carbon fiber material by die casting. The surface is smooth, without sharp corners and seams. Stains are not easy to attach to the surface, easy to clean, and covers a small area. Five endoscopes can be hung on a single door. It is beautiful and durable. It can be hung on a rotating wheel plate. It can be used for different types of endoscopes of various brands. It can be extended and coiled Then access, use the circulation fan to dry the cabinet, to prevent the aging caused by the mildew phenomenon of the endoscope. The hidden UV sterilization circulation system can ensure that the endoscope is not subject to secondary pollution after disinfection, and all procedures can be arbitrarily selected in 0-60 minutes, and can be set independently.

            Technical parameters:


            Boundary dimension: 620x475x2000mm

            Weight: 40kg

            Working voltage: 220V ± 22V

            Power frequency: 50Hz ± 1Hz

            Power: < 500VA

            Main line spectrum: 253.7 μ M

            Working time: can be set at will

            Disinfection time: can be set at will

            Copyright  Jiangsu Ruiyang Medical Technology Co., Ltd  Record:蘇ICP備15004224號-2
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