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            Bite (type Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ)

            Product name


            Product model

            -Type I - ordinary flat bite;

            -Type II - tongue pressure bite;

            -Type III - frenulum bite;

            -Type Ⅳ - frenum pressure tongue bite.

            Scope of use

            Gastroscope examination room.

            Product structure and performance

            The disposable mouthpiece product is made of medical polymer material with good biocompatibility.

            Product use

            It is suitable for gastroscopy and gastroscope operation to prevent patients from biting gastroscope tube.


            1. Check whether the package is damaged;

            2. Open the package and take out the product;

            3. Operate in accordance with the operating procedures;

            4. The product has been sterilized and sterilized by environmental ethane without heat source;

            5. One time use only;

            6. The period of validity of sterilization is two years;

            7. It is forbidden to use the damaged package;

            Copyright  Jiangsu Ruiyang Medical Technology Co., Ltd  Record:蘇ICP備15004224號-2
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