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            Colonoscopy lubricant

            Performance and advantages

            -The lubrication effect is good, greatly reducing the pain of patients. It is helpful for the smooth insertion of enteroscope.

            -It has no stimulation to lumen mucosa, no absorption by human body, no toxic side effects and no adverse reactions.

            -It has strong defoaming performance and clear vision.

            -The dosage is small and the patient is easy to accept.

            -It is easy to operate and use.

            -It has no corrosive effect on the instrument.

            Product packaging

            600 bottles / box, 300 bottles / box.

            Model and specification


            Scope of application

            It is used for intubation and microscopic examination of anus and rectum.

            matters needing attention

            To avoid cross infection, only one person per bottle is allowed to use.

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